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Mitaka MM51 - The Resolution Revolution

Mitaka Europe invites you to a webinar: Mitaka MM51 - The Resolution Revolution. The next-generation Mitaka surgical microscopes will elevate the possibilities of your surgical routine to another level with increased patient outcomes. In this webinar, we will introduce you to the history and values of Mitaka Kohki. We will present the special parameters of our MM51 microscope for plastic, reconstructive and lymphatic surgery, and our guest speaker- surgeon will explain the clinical utility of MM51’s unique features.

Thursday 27th May 2021

16:05Introduction to Mitaka’s history and philosophy / Dr. Tomasz Dymek
16:10Mitaka MM51 supermicroscope presentation / Tayfun Sen
16:20EMI Supermicro instruments / Tayfun Sen
16:25Mitaka MM51 The revolution in the OR / Dr. Dominik Walczak