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    Supermicro Reference Suite

    About Mitaka Europe Supermicro Reference Suite

Microsurgery ultimate solutions

- selected for performance-focused surgeons.

Originating from space observations

Mitaka Kohki has dedicated effort over decades designing and manufacturing high-tech astronomical optical units, satellite remote sensing technology and innovative cosmic imaging systems. We pour the experience we’ve gained in the space industry through integrating advanced technology and high-precision processing techniques into developing systems for the medical field.

Many years of designing surgical optics, delivering over 4,500 stands to the market all over the world, have resulted in technology, quality and stability that are second to none - the next generation of microscopes that redefine the benchmark used in highly difficult and ultra-precise surgeries.

Precise and durable instruments

Our microsurgery instruments have the quality needed to perform high precision procedures under supermicroscope lense magnification. Designed to be used with the smallest sutures in the world, made by hand from titanium alloy and finished with immaculate attention to every detail, they fully meet the needs of microsurgeons looking for the ultimate solutions. The special design and craftsmanship provide the surgeon with excellent comfort, confidence and precision.

Demanding clinical applications meet the ultimate in technology

Our core value is to combine innovative medical engineering with proven clinical application. Our goal is to develop, evaluate, and implement technologies that make a real impact on clinical procedures and their outcomes. Our team of medical doctors and BioMed engineers works hard to make the best use of each of our solutions.
Years spent advancing state-of-the-art systems, and optimizing configurations have resulted in this one-of-its-kind super-advanced portfolio dedicated to the most demanding surgeons.

Introducing the legendary Japanese Mitaka Kohki surgical microscopes to Europe is the culmination of our experience. We are proud of every piece of this technology designed and handcrafted by the real Shokunins in the heart of Japan.

The extremely demanding clinical applications now meet the ultimate in technical solutions.
Mitaka Europe GmbH

We are proud to introduce the legendary Mitaka Kohki Co., Ltd Microscopes and EMI FACTORY Co., Ltd. Instruments to Europe.

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