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Improve your supermicro skills

Practice with our experts or master your skills without assistance

The philosophy of continuous improvement

Hope for a fuller life, in better health and spiritual condition, is inherent in the nature of modern man. The pursuit of continuous development is the path that the craftsman takes to better serve society with his knowledge and skill. Working for others, combined with continuous improvement of working practices and personal efficiency, are the bases of the Japanese tradition, which we continue to this day. We imagined a place that is a platform for cooperation between the most advanced and ultra-precise technologies and the personal, manual skills of specialists in the field of microsurgery. The key is to provide microsurgeons with an infrastructure that fully serves their development and improves the expertise of all who have dedicated themselves to the highest performance. That is why we created the Mitaka Europe Training Center (METC).

Unprecedented precision solutions

All the solutions designed by Mitaka Kohki are a response to demand from surgeons in their fields – in any situation where unprecedented precision is required, where there is no room for deficiencies in the resolution or brightness of the view under super-magnification, or where technological boundaries stand in the way of furthering the struggle for human health and wellbeing.

The infrastructure of the Mitaka Europe Training Center is built to support surgeons in overcoming the limitations of their routines. Machines and technology complement traditional skills that, when combined, give the most advanced 21st-century surgery techniques. The ultimate success of such solutions is fully dependent on dedication, hard work, and expertise.

The focus on supermicro

METC allows conducting micro- and supermicro tissue anastomosis training, which is the embodiment of one of the most rigorous medical procedures – requiring full target and years of experience.

In our facility we offer the opportunity to fully focus, work and learn with a supermicroscope. Such bionic solutions allow you to achieve man-device synergy and increase efficiency in the operating room. Solutions such as artificial preparations, tissue imitations and many other materials, as well as access to the uncompromising quality of Japanese instruments, sutures and microscopes, will be at your fingertips. Training Center is for you, regardless of whether you are a master who wants to pass on knowledge, a student who strives for it, or you need access to the latest supermicro technology for research and development into new medical treatment methods.

We understand that training is an inherent part of advanced medical solutions. Having this in mind, we have created a dedicated space where surgeons can advance their skills and practice the new clinical applications.

Equipped with state-of-the-art Mitaka devices, METC is the place where surgeons can improve their skills and become familiar with new possibilities and techniques.

Dry-lab training is, of course, different from OR. Our goal is to create an opportunity to focus on different aspects and various details of surgical procedures, without stress and time pressure.

Training Center - practical information

Fully flexible training model includes several scenarios:
- one-on-one sessions with the instructors
- training with a remote instructor
- mastering surgical skills without assistance

METC is equipped with:
- Mitaka MM51 microscopes
- Mitaka MM90/80 for (vascular) neurosurgery
- EMI instruments
- various training options for anastomosis simulations

METC is designed for clinical simulation and surgical training as a complement to our product suite. For more details, please contact us at: experience@mitakaeurope.com.