EMI Micro Set B

Reliable and durable instruments for microsurgery. Unquestionable quality under the microscopic view.

Set of titanium instruments.

Made using the best Japanese solid handcrafting.

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Unique advantages for microsurgeons

The microsurgery tools made by Japanese company EMI Factory have the quality and resolution needed to perform precision procedures under supermicroscope lense magnification. Made by hand from titanium alloy, finished with immaculate attention to every detail, and designed to be used with the smallest sutures in the world, they fully meet the needs of microsurgeons looking for the ultimate solutions for their operations.

The special design and craftsmanship provide the surgeon with excellent comfort, confidence and precision, as well as a number of other advantages:

No magnetic attraction to needles

- being made of titanium makes the instruments non-magnetic, so needles don't stick to the tip during surgery.

Reflection-free coating

- the special surface coating makes the instruments reflection-free, which greatly decrease eye fatigue and improve visibility when viewing microscopic magnifications.

Less-sticky surface

- the exceptional surface coating minimises the blood-clotting effect.

By fully applying titanium’s ductility, EMI produces instruments that grasp even super-fine needles stably and firmly, without breaking or bending them. The instruments grip with the entire plane of the tip, not just the point. Different tip sizes can be applied to various surgical needles.

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Micro Set B contents

EMI Needle Holder 1 pc Titanium Length: 150 mm Tip size: 0.3 mm Product Details
EMI Micro Scissors 1 pc Titanium Length: 150 mm Tip shape: Curved or Straight Product Details
EMI Micro Forceps 1pc Titanium Length: 120 mm Tip size: 0.1 mm Product Details
EMI Micro Forceps 1 pc Titanium Length: 120 mm Tip size: 0.1 mm Product Details
Sterylization Case M 1 pc 162 mm × 102 mm × 19 mm
EMI Needle Holder - Tip: 0.3 mm - 1pcProduct Details
EMI Micro Scissors - Crv. or Str. - 1pcProduct Details
EMI Micro Forceps - Tip: 0.05 mm - 1pcProduct Details
EMI Micro Forceps - Tip: 0.1 mm - 1pcProduct Details
EMI Sterylization Case L - 1pc254 mm × 152 mm × 19 mm

Please note that purchasing the EMI Micro Set B is cheaper than buying each instrument separately.

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EMI Micro Set B


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EMI Micro Set B - part of the Mitaka Europe Reference Suite – the ultimate in microsurgery solutions dedicated to surgeons focused on performance.

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