Supermicroscope Mitaka MM51

Superior surgical microscope with the highest resolution optics dedicated to the needs of supermicro, plastic, hand and reconstructive surgeons.

Resolution revolution

The large objective lens of the MM51 combined with Mitaka’s advanced 8:1 zoom system creates a supermicroscope with twice the resolution and magnification of standard surgical microscopes – without focal length extenders.

Unique feature of MM51

118 LP/mm

Resolution is the measure of optical quality. It is expressed in line pairs per millimetre (LP/mm). The MM51 allows you to distinguish 118 LP/mm (at 8x magnification and WD300 mm with CL3 lens) – more than twice the resolution of any standard microscope.

"Zero-weight" balancing

The reference quality of Mitaka precision mechanics - derived from the space industry - creates the "zero-weight" feeling while working with a Mitaka supermicroscope. Its counter-balanced Overhead YOH stand and proprietary braking system provide extremely smooth and accurate movement.

Bionic design

Synergy between man and machine provides surgeons with a real and natural feeling during surgery. The independent imaging of each eyepiece provides high-level synchronization throughout. This avoids fatigue and dizziness even during long-time usage.

Vibration absorption

The YOH microscope overhead stand makes use of the unique shock-absorbing system, developed by Mitaka for astronomical telescopes. This system can eliminate vibrations caused by external forces as well as those generated during manoeuvring.

Feature of MM51

4K Camera and 4K Monitor

The highest imaging resolution available without compromise in the operating room for the most important procedures.
A high-precision medical-grade 3D imaging system with accurate depth perception and authentic color representation is available as an option for the MM51.

Feature of MM51

4 different binocular positions

Eyepieces can be adjusted in multiple positions. Adaption for every user can easily be achieved.

Outstanding parameters

The unique design of the Mitaka MM51, adopting 8:1 zoom ratio, provides a brilliant image at high magnification, without loss of light level, depth of focus or contrast - therefore it allows you to observe anatomical details not visible with a standard microscope such as the lumen of vessels smaller than 1 mm diameter. It enables you to accurately perform surgeries that were impossible before.

Exceptional magnification

The reference optics in the Mitaka MM51 Supermicroscope surpass standard microscopes with variable zoom and a potential maximum magnification of 77x.

Wide-range multi-focus

The Mitaka MM51 is equipped with a unique apochromatic optical unit and an electric stepless 8:1 zoom. The wide-range multi-focus is capable of capturing a vivid image at each working distance.

Supermicro scale

Surpassing a resolution of 118 LP/mm, the MM51 provides excellent sight and allows the use of instruments with a tip up to 0.05 mm and 12-0 USP sutures.

The only 8:1 zoom available for surgery

This unique design provides a brilliant image at high magnifications and allows the surgeon to clearly operate on vessels of less than 1 mm diameter.


Supermicroscope Mitaka MM51


Availability: Available on request

Supermicroscope Mitaka MM51 - part of the Mitaka Europe Reference Suite – the ultimate in microsurgery solutions dedicated to surgeons focused on performance.

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