EMI Micro Scissors

Handcrafted, highly precise titanium scissors dedicated to microsurgery and supermicrosurgery.

Sharp and clean cut

EMI's Micro Scissors were created in response to the needs of the most demanding supermicrosurgeons. They allow the most delicate microvascular anastomosis to be done properly with more confidence.

The special design and craftsmanship provide the surgeon with excellent comfort, confidence and precision, as well as a number of other advantages:

Reflection-free coating

- the special surface coating makes Micro Scissors reflection-free, which greatly decrease eye fatigue and improve visibility when viewing microscopic magnifications.

Two tip shapes available

- they are available in two different tip figures – curved or straight.

Micro Scissors have an excellent weight-to-strength ratio, taking advantage of the lightness of titanium, while providing good grip, feeling and balance. Their hand-made finish ensures sharp and safe cutting.

Colour coding

- the six beautifully rich titanium colours make it easy to distinguish different instruments tip sizes.

Tailor-made manufacturing

- the cutting-edge techniques used can adapt products to fit surgeons special requirements, such as varying the tip figure, adding a lock or matching to hand size.

Product Details

Length:150 mm
180 mm (custom order)
200 mm (custom order)
Handle type:Round
Tip shape:Curved or Straight (custom order)
Colour:Rainbow, Gold, Pink, Blue, Light Blue, Green

Please note that custom orders can extend the delivery time by up to 6-8 weeks, due to the handcrafted manufacturing process.

EMI Factory

EMI Micro Scissors


  • Rainbow

  • Gold

  • Pink

  • blue

  • Light blue

  • Green

Availability: Available on request

EMI Micro Scissors - part of the Mitaka Europe Reference Suite – the ultimate in microsurgery solutions dedicated to surgeons focused on performance.

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