EMI Micro Forceps

EMI’s unique titanium Micro Forceps are the world’s finest, with a tip size of 0.05 mm for working with 12-0 needles, which is optimal for supermicrosurgery.

Firm and stable grip with the finest tip

These supermicro forceps are designed by microsurgeons for work on anastomoses of the most delicate blood, lymphatic and nerve vessels - and have a diameter of less than 1 mm. They're available in sizes 0.05 mm, 0.1 mm and 0.2 mm.

The special design and craftsmanship provide the surgeon with excellent comfort, confidence and precision, as well as a number of other advantages:

No magnetic attraction to needles

- being made of titanium makes the forceps non-magnetic, so needles don't stick to the tip during surgery.

Less-sticky surface

- the exceptional surface coating minimises the blood-clotting effect.

Taking advantage of the ductility of titanium, they grip with the whole plane of the tip, not just the point. They provide a firm and stable grip, which makes them essential instruments for supermicrosurgery procedures.

Colour coding

- the six beautifully rich titanium colours make it easy to distinguish different instruments tip sizes.

Tailor-made manufacturing

- the cutting-edge techniques used can adapt products to fit surgeons special requirements, such as adding a protrusion for special skills, varying the tip figure, adding a lock or matching to hand size.

Product Details

Tip size:0.05 mm (for 12-0 suture)
0.1 mm (for 10-0 to 11-0 suture)
0.2 mm (for 8-0 to 9-0 suture

Handle type:Flat
Length:120 mm or 140 mm (custom order)
Colour:Rainbow, Gold, Pink, Blue, Light Blue, Green

Please note that custom orders can extend the delivery time by up to 6-8 weeks, due to the handcrafted manufacturing process.

EMI Factory

EMI Micro Forceps


  • Rainbow

  • Gold

  • Pink

  • blue

  • Light blue

  • Green

Availability: Available on request

EMI Micro Forceps - part of the Mitaka Europe Reference Suite – the ultimate in microsurgery solutions dedicated to surgeons focused on performance.

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